Alliance Business India is a unique, one-of-its-kind, CeNext initiative to make it easy for foreign companies to do business in India and for Indian companies to do business overseas in any country or region of the world.

First, it helps each global company, based in India or anywhere else in the world, to sharply define its focus on what exactly it wishes to do. What sort of growth or investment opportunities it is seeking.

Second, it helps identify the right company in India or anywhere else in the world, that has made a conscious choice in seeking business growth through exactly the same strategic niche that you have identified for growth.

The result is that you can directly get in touch and communicate with companies who seriously wish to pursue the businesses that you yourself wish to pursue. It saves time, reduces costs and ensures that you are not spending time in dealing with casual-interest companies.

For Companies Based Outside India

Every successful International Corporation today has either a substantive presence in India or has at least one substantive business alliance with an Indian company. Investment in India, Business in India or even an association with an Indian company enables the overseas corporations to comprehend the dynamics of costs in emerging markets. It helps them face the new competitive threats from new emerging market giants. It helps them understand the cost-effective innovation processes at work.

Alliances in India or with India not only prepare global companies to discover the “fortune at the bottom of the pyramid’, but also radically improve their own global competitiveness in their existing markets.

This Platform is expressly designed to help International Companies to “discover and generate India Advantage” in their Strategic Planning Framework.

Traditionally, companies outside India tend to look at India as merely a market and attempt only to sell their products there. They tend to overlook the array of other available options to engage with India and miss out the low-hanging fruits of doing business in India..

This Web Site provides an easy way to explore India investment options, analyze alternative start-up strategies for India and how a company could establish direct contacts with relevant companies on a fast-track basis. Depending upon the registration option exercised by a company, we expect to provide at least one prospective relevant contact within 4 to 6 months.

For Companies Based in India

Likewise, the Platform will also be an easy-to-access medium to enable Indian companies to identify foreign-based potential alliance partners for investment opportunities overseas and conclude operational alliances/ co-operation agreements with them in specific domains.

Six Alliance Domains
This Platform will help identify potential Alliance Partners In six distinct business domains:
  Domain One   Seeking Investment Options in India for
Foreign companies, &

Investment options overseas for Indian companies
- Acquisitions / Greenfield Ventures
- Private Equity Placement
- Venture Capital Support
  Domain Two   Seeking Collaboration Options in India for
Foreign companies, &

Collaboration options overseas for Indian companies
  - R&D and Product Design
- Technology Licensing
- Educational Institutions & Universities
- Manufacturing Alliance as supply source
  Domain Three   Seeking Outsourcing Options in India for
Foreign companies, &

Outsourcing options overseas for Indian companies
  - Information Technology (IT)
- Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
- Medical, Diagnostic & other Services
  Domain Four   Seeking Distributors/ Principals/
Franchisees/Service Alliances in India
for Foreign companies, &

Distributors/ Principals/ Franchisees/
Service Alliances overseas
for Indian companiess
  - In any product business
- In any service business
  Domain Five   Seeking  Partnerships  in  Advertising,  Film
Productionand  Media in India
for Foreign companies, &

Partnerships in Advertising, Film Production
and Media overseas for Indian companies
  - Advertising/Multimedia
- Film Production & TV Programmes
- Newspapers, Magazines & Publishing
  Domain Six   Seeking Professional Service Partnerships or
Long-term Professional Services in India for
Foreign companies, &

Professional Service Partnerships or
Long-term Professional Services overseas
for Indian companies
  - Financial Services
- Legal, Audit and Accounting Services
- Executive Search Services
- Liaison and Representation Services

India is world’s fourth largest economy on PPP basis and it continues to register +8% GDP growth. The country offers hitherto-unknown opportunities for strategic alliances and co-operation. The choice before international corporations is no longer whether they should explore what India can offer them. The issue is: how soon they can garner the India Advantage-by clearly understanding India Investment climate. How soon can they prioritize and act on the options available to refine and re-calibrate India-specific strategies and make business in India an intrinsic part of their global footprint?
For more information on India and Indian Economy, please refer to the following web sites:
    Business Directory: Indian Industry Council
    Ministries & Departments
    Regulatory Authorities, Associations and Councils
    Banks, Financial Institutions and Financial Services
    Government of India Directory

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